Fish from certified, sustainable fisheries

Our fish comes mainly from certified sustainable fisheries and Hamburger traditional fishmongers. In the fisheries endangered marine species, fish stocks and marine habitats are carefully monitored and the impact of fishing activities are minimized. Fisheries who subscribe to this program, make improvements in order to meet the new standard. Once certified, many fisheries implement new action plans in order to achieve further improvements if necessary.

Meat from own butcher

We buy our meat products basically from our own butcher. The owner as well as the processing operations are known to us personally. Important for us are humane husbandry as well as the transport and that the slaughter is carried out as gently as possible. We currently have Duroc pork, as well as Swabian-Hall meat.

Coffee from traditional roasting

Our partner for coffee or espresso is the small, but fine coffee factory CAFFÈ PASCUCCI, which lies in the picturesque region of Marche in central Italy. The family business still roasts in traditionall drum roaster, that is operated exclusively by the two Roastmasters Stefano Bonci or Mario Pascucci. The contact with the coffee farmers is very close since several generations, coffee exchanges are avoided as far as possible in favor of quality and price.

Eggs from free range

For us, it goes without saying that we only process eggs from real free range. They have the stamp DE-1.

Milk from ecologically managed farms

In all our offers and meals we process long-life organic milk from farms that produce under the strict guidelines of organic farming and are regularly controlled by recognized organic associations (DE-ÖKO-006 EU Agriculture).

Vegetables grown in the region

Our vegetables are sourced from local suppliers of organic farming. Hence every day only the freshest goods ar put on the table. Sometimes it is a colorful variety from Vierlanden, times the crips range of one of the best greengrocer Hamburg. We are 500 meters away from the vegetable wholesale market Hamburg.

Electricity from environmentally friendly production

Feinbeisser Catering and Party Service Hamburg draws electricity from Lichtblick from clean energy sources (no atom, no carbon). The energy supplier is certified annually by TÜV Nord and meets the strict criteria of the ok-power label of EnergieVision e. V., an association of Eco-Institute, WWF and consumer advice center NRW. In 2010 Lichtblick was also honored with the German Sustainability Award and took first place at the current test of the magazine Öko-Test.