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Delivery, payment and terms and conditions ofFeinbeisser Catering & Party Service

1. Since we only use fresh products, we reserve the right to update offers depending on season or replace, if necessary.

2. The minimum order amounts is EUR 250.00 net plus delivery.

3. The declared number of people shall be binding unless a notice is published by the contracting authority 36 hours before the event begins. This message can be by telephone, fax or email. We reserve the right to post calculate additional cost.

4. The order is placeds bindingly with the signed inquiry / contract by the customer. Verbal agreements do not exist and have not also taken place.

5. Cancellation of the order. In case of a cancellation of an already issued order 60 days prior to the event 100% of the expected contract value is due as cancellation fee. For Events in the period from 01 - 31 December within 120 days prior to the event.

6. The delivery / collection of the goods is at the request of the customer directly to the house, the ground floor, behind the first door. The Customer shall ensure that a direct truck (up to 7.5 tonnes) access is possible and the goods can be delivered without barriers. The delivery will be charged separately. Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery does not include any assembly and dismantling. For delivery in upper floors, a flat rate of EUR 15.00 will be charged per floor, should no suitable elevator exist. For deliveries at any given time, a tolerance of 30 to 60 minutes should be planned. We reserve the right to a recalculation. When delivery failure by force majeure, there is no legal right to delivery.

7. Payment. For new and privat customers a deposit of 100% of the contract, 3 working days prior to the event, or cash payment at delivery is due. A subsequent billing of consumption values or breakage and loss of rental equipment is possible.

8. The invoice amount is payable upon delivery in cash without deduction and unless otherwise agreed. For invoicing within 7 days of invoice receipt.

9. Objects on loan. The rent for the objects on loan applies for a period of 3 days. Objects on loan and packaging materials shall remain the property of the company. Only immediate objections will be considered. Any liability of the lessor for property damage and personal injury in connection with the rental use is excluded. Misreporting, breach and damages shall be borne by the customer / client who has to bear the costs of necessary replacement at replacement value in addition to the rental price. The tenant has to treat the rented property carefully. Crockery, cutlery, kitchen appliances, etc. are always cleaned after return froming the customer Objects on loan have to be provided at collection in the provided transport crates without leftovers and sorted. The rented property is not insured. In case of loss or damage the tenant is liable.

10. Feinbeisser Catering assumes no liability for damage incurred during construction, dismantling and / or during the event. The liability is transferred to the client when placing the contract.

11. Photo and film material. Feinbeisser catering creates at some events photographic and film material. The customer agrees to the publication. The customer receives a free copy of the created images. A brief in formation should be given if the customer does not agree with the publication of the photo. We never state customer names, addresses, etc. in regards to the images.

By placing an order the above terms of delivery and payment conditions are bindingly acknowledged. The place of fulfillment and jurisdiction for both parties is Hamburg.

Price list: April 2015

All other pricelist are unvalid

All price are plus taxes

Here the terms and conditions can be downloaded.